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Peshawari chappals are the most beloved footwear in Pakistan. When it comes to wearing something traditional people of Pakistan love to wear Peshawari Chappal. As it is the best-suited footwear for Shalwar Kameez.

Origin of Peshawari Chappal:

Best Peshawari Chappals are available in Peshawar. As it is the regular footwear of people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The name “Peshawari Chappal” has been originated from Peshawar. Another famous name of Peshawari Chappal is “Kheri”. It has been said that “Peshawari Chappal” was first designed in the last decades of the 19th century. Today, according to a survey almost a hundred factories are manufacturing “Peshawari Chappals”.

Peshawari Chappal Design:

It is a semi-closed chappal that is made up of soft leather available in different colors. It consists of two broad straps in crossing on front and one strap at back with a buckle. The buckle is available to tie shoes according to your foot length. Its bottom is somehow hard. This chappal is basically handmade, from sewing, fitting. There is making efforts of hundreds of shoemakers.

Peshawari Chappal for Women:

These days’ people are bringing variation in the design and texture of chappal. It was originally men wear. But these days’ new designs have been introduced in the market. These chappals have been designed specifically for females with colorful designs.

Imran Khan Peshawari Chappals:

It is the most suited footwear with Shalwar Kameez. On traditional events where people wear Shalwar Kameez. Chappal is a must thing to be in attire. But these days’ people have started wearing Peshawari with jeans. It started when our great Prime Minister Imran Khan once wear in Past. As he is a sensation, people specifically youngsters follow him. Now it is a trend to wear Chappal with Jeans too. This trend has resulted in increased demand of Chappals. Low prices, durability, and affordability of these chappals have resulted in a great buying trend.

Once it has also happened back in 2015 that Haji Nooruddin Shinwari, a shoemaker gifted Imran Khan Peshawari Chappal made up of Snake Skin.

Peshawari Chappal Designs:

Most of the Peshawari Chappals are somehow the same in look. But many variations of their structure are available in the market.

Charsadda Chappal:

One of the famous types of Peshawari Chappal is also known as “Charsadda Chappal”. One of the interesting facts about this chappal is that it is made of a tyre and leather. It is open in its shape. As it names depicts, it is the origin of people of Charsadda.

Classic Peshawari Chappals:

Classic Peshawari Chappals is named due to its origin only in Peshawar city. It is mostly round in shape and famous more in colors. People from around the world visit Peshawar and specifically buy famous Classic Peshawari Chappal. Even people in big cities buy these chappals from Peshawar.

Norozi Chappal:

This chappal is mostly in use by Punjabis. It has been thrice made and stitched with hands to make it durable. It is also made of leather and tyre. Two of its further types are also available in the market. That is Round Norozi and Cut Norozi. Both are in equal demand in the market.

Afridi Chappal:

Same alike Kaptaan Chappal, Afridi Chappal is famous due to all-rounder cricketer. It was also made copying the style of Peshawari Chappal. This type of chappal is mostly in use by people of FATA.

Buy Peshawari Chappal Online:

Keeping the tradition alive, we have a full range of Peshawari Chappals of all types and colors available. Now you don’t have to rush to bazaar for buying Peshawari Sandal.

Just have to follow these simple steps to buy  “Kheeri”  online:

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