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Dress Shoes

Become Stylishly Presentable With Dress Shoes

Shoes are the significant part of your outfit. Shoes are what you need to take the most care. The saying that “The shoe makes the man” is quite true. These are the shoes which project the precise image of your personality. When you eye for the most suitable shoes for a job interview, a business routine or a formal occasion, it is never less than the dress shoes. With dress shoes, your appearance gets more stylishly presentable.

Decorate Your Wardrobe with Men’s Dress Shoes

Men’s dress shoes are the essential part of your wardrobe. With them, you add style and class to your wardrobe. In your official routine, dress shoes are the only recommendation. The reason is that they are not only correspondent to your routine and occasion but elegant as well. So, Dress shoes are the part and parcel of formal and customary routine.

Various Types of Shoes

Various dresses need various type of shoes. Variety and style are the demand of various occasions.World best men’s dress shoes have various types that you need to know.

  1. Oxford

The Oxford belongs to the category of typical men’s dress shoe.It has closed lacing system,a vamp,a low heel. It usually comes in Goodyear-welt construction.

  1. Derby

Derby is another dress shoe. In contrast to Oxford, Derby have an open lacing system.

  1. Brogue

Shoe with decorative perforations are Brogues or also Wingtips.

  1. Monk Strap

Talking about the stylish dress shoe is the monk strap shoe. It has a strap across the top and a single or double buckle.Regarding formality,it comes between an Oxford and a Derby.

  1. Loafer

Loafers are moccasin style shoes with no lacing and a lower heel.It is the type of slip-on shoe that you can put on and off comfortably.Various popular styles of loafers are the penny, tassel and Gucci.

Styling Options for Dress Shoes for Men

There are various styling options of dress shoes for men and dress shoes for boys. Variety in shapes, textures, designs and shades is the hall mark of men’s dress shoes, and boy dress shoes.

Therefore, you need to put some investment of time to understand which pair is suitable for what occasion. The wise suggestion is that you cannot wear a single pair on all occasions. If you are planning to do the same, you can embrace an undesirable response.

Relying on the occasion and outfit, some dress shoes are more appropriate than others. Here below is the complete guideline for what shoes for dress pants is suitable for what affair.

  • A closed lacing shoes provides a smart look. So, Oxfords are a standard option for the formal occasion. You can combine oxford of varied shades with many options of dress suits
  • Cap toe shoes are appropriate for business meeting.
  • Derby shoes are perfect choice a little casual look. You can team them up with a suit, jeans or chinos.
  • You can wear Monk strap with more formal styles.
  • Loafers provide elegantly comfortable touch. They go best with suits with flare.


Some Styling Details of Dress Shoes

Plain toe: Simple and clean shoes with no toecap or perforations.

Cap toe: This type of shoes has additional leather on the toe.

Wingtip: Shoe with extended wing like toecap and decorative holes.

Semi brogue: Style like Oxford with a perforated toecap

Full brogue: Wingtip style like shoe with extend wings around both sides of the toe.

Quarter brogue: It is like the semi-brogue with no perforations.

Long wing brogues: Almost like the wingtip but wings extend fully to the heel.

Whole cut: the shoe with upper of single piece leather.

Round toe: As name suggests, the toe is round at front.

Chisel toe: The shoes having the style of square-toe

Tassels: Moccasin-style shoe with tassel son the top vamp

Kilties: Shoe with a fringed leather sheet

Construction Styles of Dress Shoes

Goodyear welt:upper and in sole stitched with leather strip

Blake stitch: Italian style direct stitching of the upper to the sole

Norwegian welt: It is also known as upper-stitch.The upper is sewn outwardly in this style of stitching

Can Compromising on QUALITY Serve the Purpose?

Good quality dress shoes are a little bit expensive. You need to know that compromising on QUALITY will never serve the purpose.What bad situation you can face if you go for cheap shoes.

  • Cut down in price means cut-down in quality.
  • Cheaper buyer will always have a bad deal.
  • Shoes longevity will suffer.
  • There is always a chance of wastage of money.
  • The shine and luster will fade away soon

Some Major Benefits of Quality Dress Shoes for Men

  • Quality dress shoes every time gets fresh look after cleaning them
  • They improve the image your clothes
  • They have more longevity than cheap ones.
  • Get a brand new look when you polish them.
  • Investing in quality footwear is the good option.
  • You save your money in the long run.

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