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Brogue shoes

Gorgeous and graceful are the two words that classify Brogue shoes. Brogues are the classic pair of formal styles that you can rely on for your classy and regular events. They are the fine specimen of unique craftsmanship. Brogues are the proper shoes. These stylish shoes can give you the real excitement of luxury shoes.

Origin of Brogue shoes

What defines brogues are the typical perforations. Brogue shoes men root back to Ireland. Bog workers designed for themselves as they worked in a wet situation. The perforations on the upper helped them in draining water out in damp conditions.

Versatile and Staple of fashion

Later, these shoes became the staple of fashion with decorative holes. Now, they are the most stylish and versatile shoes for men.They are the best option for formal routine along with casual wear.

You can wear them with multiple dresses from a suit to shorts. Due to their fashionable look and stylish features, these shoes go along all through the year.

Constructive styles

Brogue shoes men have various constructive parts like decorative toe cap, serrated piece edges, multi-piece construction, a perforated style, etc. These Shoes come in four toe-caps styles as “wingtip”, semi-, quarter and longwing and four closure styles like Oxford, Derby, Ghillie, and Monk.

Features of Brogue shoes

There are certain features.

  1. Perforated decoration
  2. Low heels
  3. Decorative toe cap
  4. Ragged piece edges
  5. Heel covers
  6. Lacing system

Style and types of Brogue shoes

These unique shoes have various styles due to the shape of the toe cap and style of closure. The common style and types are:

  • Full brogue (or wingtip)
  • Semi-brogue
  • Quarter brogue styles
  • Long wing brogue style.
  • Ghillie brogues
  • Oxford
  • Derby

Full brogues style

  • a wingtip-style toecap
  • The toecap has W” shape that resembles a bird with stretched wings
  • There are perforations on the toe cap.
  • Center of the toe caphas extra decorative holes.


  • It is similar to Oxford
  • It has a toe cap without extended wings
  • It has a toe cap with decorative perforations
  • Cap’s edges have serration
  • More stylish than a plain oxford

Quarter brogues

  • A cap toe with decorative perforations
  • cap’s edge has serrations
  • No decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap.
  • More formal than semi brogues and full brogues;
  • Ideal pair for business dress
  • Suitable for wedding ceremonies, job interviews

Long Wing Brogues

  • Derby style shoes
  • toe cap withfull length extended wings
  • extension goes back to the heel

Ghillie Brogues

  • Men’s full brogue ghillie shoes
  • The ghillie brogue has no tongue,
  • More drying option
  • Long laces that wrap around the leg
  • Traditional Scottish dress shoes

Brogue Shoes in Pakistan

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